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II Dominican Republic Global Film Festival an initiative by GFDD | FUNGLODE
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Under its motto Global Issues, Personal Stories, the II DR Global Film Festival screens 29 movies organized in
8 thematic groups that represent topics of relevance to the contemporary world.

The Power of Music in Young Lives
Bling: A Planet Rock | War/Dance | To Play and to Fight
The Journey of Pursuit
Cochochi | El Camino de San Diego | The Darjeeling Limited
Chronicles of Migration
Golden Door | Under the Same Moon | Padre Nuestro | Take the Bridge
Idols and their Struggles
El Cantante | JC Chávez
Intertwined Lives: Romances and Friendships
El Búfalo de la Noche | After the Wedding | Away from Her | The Past | The Lives of Others
Where is our World heading to?
The Ballad of Esequiel Hernández | The Devil Came on Horseback | Manufactured Landscapers | Los Sonidos de la Arena | The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Those Who Made a Difference
The Man of the Two Havanas | Natives of the Night | Shame
Destinies in the midst of Conflicts and Controversies
City of Men | Cocalero | In the Valley of Elah | Black Butterfly
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Secretaría de Estado de Cultura | UASD | Malecon Center | Teatro Nacional | Centro León | ANU-RD | Kodak
Cinemateca | Tricom | Hotel Santo Domingo | Colorín | Pat’e Palo | Thrifty Cars
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II Dominican Republic Film Festival - 2007
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