Sol Caribe Sol Caribe
Titulo (Original) Sol Caribe
Titulo (Español) Sol Caribe
Titulo (Ingles) Sol Caribe
Pais de Origen: Dominican Republic
Año de Termino: 2009
Duracion: 70 Minutos
Formato: Color (HD CAM SR)
Idioma: Spanglish
Subtitulo: Spanglish
Director: Felix Limardo
Productor: Victor Dume/Felix Limardo
Productor Ejecutivo: Eddy Martinez/Ron Willens
Guionista: Ron Willens
Camera: Euripedes Nuñez/Alberto Chaktoura/Andrea Rosotto/Peyi Guzman
Editores: Ivan Torres/Felix Limardo

The Clio award winning director, Felix Limardo, a Dominican citizen, has been producing and directing film, television commercials and music videos for over twenty years.

After studying film and philosophy at New York University and receiving an award for best short by the Young Filmmakers Foundation in 1980, he started his professional career as an assistant editor for ABC News and Jerry Bender Editorial. He then moved on to become a freelance Director of Photography for numerous TV commercials directors.

It wasn’t long before he started directing himself, and in 1986 directed his first music video. “Misled” for Kool and the Gang, moving on to direct a succession of video clips and fashion commercials and a feature documentary for Pepsi Bethel, one of the greatest American jazz choreographers. Shortly thereafter, he formed Limardo Productions, his own New York commercial production house.

His award winning work is known throughout the US film industry for its strong vision that has delivered the message for top Fortune 500 companies in both the Hispanic and general market. A partial list of his commercial clients and credits include: Coca Cola, Budweiser, Kodak, Pepsi Cola, AT&T, McDonalds and Yoplait. He also has worked as a director for dozens of the world’s most prominent advertising agencies including: Young & Rubicam, BBD&O, Casanova Pendrill, Grey Advertising, Siboney, Dentsu, Castor Hispanic Advertising, and Uniworld.

He recently directed the feature film “One Wish” starring Kevin Kilner, Symba Smith and Christa B. Allen which will be released in the summer of 2009. He also directed “Puppet” an action thriller with Michael Lombard, Rebecca Gayhart and Artie Lang.

Mr. Limardo in his career has had the opportunity to work with major stars such as: Danny Glover, Ricardo Montalban, Salma Hayek, Edward James Olmos, Kevin Kilner and Chirstopher Titus.

The music of the Dominican Republic is a gift to the whole world. These influential rhythms and melodies have been exported worldwide by tens of millions of its people throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This Caribbean nation has always been a special place as a breeding ground for new sounds and trends in popular culture, as millions have made their home in New York City and Miami, not to mention Chicago and Los Angeles.

Centuries ago, African and European rhythm and melody came together where Columbus first stepped ashore. What started as traditional music, a celebration of joy in the face of hardship, has evolved into worldwide phenomenon. What began in the D.R. has exploded into countless styles and genres, whether it’s called Merengue, Bachata, Latin, Afro-pop, or World Music. From such humble beginnings, these expressions of a nation’s genius are now performed on Miami street corners, Carnegie Hall, and on the mobile phones of Asian teens.

To capture this phenomenon, performed by those who brought this art form to the world, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Documenting an unprecedented concert tour of twelve of the Dominican Republic’s music pioneers, this documentary feature will introduce worldwide audiences to the influential music that evolved in the birthplace of the Americas.

Throughout this journey, Sol Caribe will showcase the distinct styles and sounds that originated here, through the eyes of the men and women who pioneered the sound. Through the personal stories and performances of the finest Dominican acts, we explore how the country’s wildly popular genres were conceived, and exported worldwide.

On this very island more than 500 years ago, the proud people here built the first cathedrals, universities, fortresses and roads in a land that would eventually be called America. These concerts took place in the very locations that marked the beginning of the New World.

Through a series of specially arranged performances, and improvised musical jams at these most historic places, we will witness a musical heritage that has never been comprehensively documented.

Sol Caribe is a celebration of culture expertly witnessed through the eyes of yesterday’s visionaries and today’s pioneers. Though the music of the DR is as wildly popular in Canton, Ohio, Spain, this will be the first film of its kind—a celebration of a vital form of Latin music through the experiences and recollections of the very men and women who have moved millions to their rhythms.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009