Giant Giant
Film Title (Original): Gigante
Film Title (Spanish): Gigante
Film Title (In English): Giant
Country Of Origin: Uruguay, Germany, Argentina, The Netherlands
Year Of Completion: 2009
Running Time: 88 Min.
Format/Color/Bw: 35 Mm, Color
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: N/A
Director: Adrián Biniez
Executive Producers: Fernando Epstein, Agustina Chiarino
Co-Producers: Christoph Friedel, Hernan Mussaluppi, Frans van Gestel, Jeroen Beker
Screenwriter: Adrián Biniez
Cinematographer: Arauco Hernandez;
Editor: Fernando Epstein
Music: Adrián Biniez
Cast: oracio Camandulle, Leonor Svarcas, Nestor Guzzini, Federico Garcia, Fabiana Charlo

2009 Berlin Film Festival competition, winner,


Best First Feature, Grand Jury Prize, Alfred Bauer Award

2009 Buenos Aires film Festival
2009 Seattle Film Festival
2009 Karlovy Vary Film Festival
2009 Sarajevo Film Festival
2009 Toronto Film Festival

Robert Kenner
Born in Buenos Aires in 1974, Adrián Biniez spent the 1990s touring as the singer for Reverb, a band he founded and with whom he recorded two CDs. In 2003 he accepted a small role as a musician in the movie Whisky before moving to Montevideo where he currently lives. In 2005 he began to write for “El fin del mundo,” a successful, award-winning television series produced by Taxi Film. That same year he attended film courses in Buenos Aires and Madrid, while also shooting his first short, 8 horas (2005), which won first prize at the 2006 Festival de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires (BAFICI) and at the Uruguay IFF. Another short followed: Total Availability (Total disponibilidad, 2008). Gigante is Biniez’s feature debut.

Jara is a shy and lonely 35-year-old security guard at a supermarket on the outskirts of Montevideo. He works the night shift, monitoring the surveillance cameras of the entire building. One night Jara discovers Julia, a 25-year-old cleaning woman, through one of the cameras and is immediately attracted to her. Night after night, he watches her on the cameras while she works. Soon he starts following her after work: to the cinema, the beach and even to a date with another man. Jara's life becomes a series of routines and rituals around Julia, but eventually he finds himself at a crossroad and must decide whether to give up his obsession or confront it.

Writer-director Adrián Biniez says, “What interests me most about Gigante is that it walks the boundary between falling in love and obsession. It shows how someone in love can turn into an obsessive and absent-minded human being…I always thought of Gigante as a subversion of a the classic patterns of romantic comedy. Unlike the latter, it shows the process of just one of these people, of how he discovers the other one, how he is captured and blinded by the other’s image, how he becomes aware of his condition, and how he finally dares to get into real contact with the other and not only with her image.”
Winner, Best First Feature and Grand Jury Prize, Berlin Film Festival.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009