The Anarchist’s Wife
Film Title (Original): Die Frau Des Anarchisten
Film Title (Spanish): La Mujer Del Anarquista
Film Title (In English): The Anarchist’s Wife
Country Of Origin: Germany-Spain-France
Year Of Completion: 2008
Running Time: 112 Min.
Format/Color/Bw: 35 Mm
Language: Spanish, French
Subtitles: Subtitled In Spanish
Rating: PG
Directors: Marie Noëlle, Peter Sehr
Executive Producers:
Producers: Marie Noëlle, Peter Sehr
Screenwriters: Marie Noëlle,
Cinematographer: Jean-François Robin
Editor: Luis de la Madrid
Music: Zacarias Martinez de la Riva
Cast: Maria Valverde, Juan Diego Botto, Nina Hoss, Ivana Baquero, Jean-Marc Barr, Laura Morante
Munich Film Festival, 2008
Valladolid Film Festival, 2008
Seattle Film Festival, 2009
VIVA! Festival of Spanish and Latin American Cinema, 2009, Manchester, UK. Audience Award

Marie Noëlle grew up in France, the daughter of a Spanish mother and French father. After studying Mathematics, she earned an MBA. In 1979, she began working with Peter Sehr as an editor, screenwriter and co-director. Together they founded P’Artisan Filmproduktion in 1988. She is also active as a writer and producer for other directors. Her own films as a director include: Und nicht ein Tohuwabohu (1988, in co-direction with Peter Sehr), Ich erzaehle mir einen Mann (1995), Komm doch an den Tisch (1998), U-Store It, U-Lock It, U-Keep the Key (2001), 30 anos al servicio del amor (2002), Kinder suchen Eltern (2003).

Peter Sehr is a scientist and studied at Oxford University. While there he made two short films and discovered his love for filmmaking. In 1980 he moved to Paris and worked at the Institut Curie but continued to dabble in film. In 1982 he began pursuing his directing career in earnest. His films include Kaspar Hauser (1993), Obsession (1998), and Love the Hard Way (2001).

Over a million people lost their lives in the Spanish Civil War. Two million were taken prisoner and half a million were expelled from Spain. Set during these harrowing years between Franco’s putsch and the end of World War II, this is the story of a couple and their undying love. Lawyer Justo Calderón is a glowing Republican who fights Franco both in the trenches and on the radio as the ‘Voice of the Revolution’. His elegant young wife Manuela is spoiled and non-political, a loving mother to their daughter Paloma and intensely in love with her husband.

The young family undergoes all the horrors of the Civil War, including the pain of betrayal, imprisonment and torture, as well as the anguish of separation. Archive footage interspersed with dramatized scenes added to the war atmosphere. When Franco’s troops win, Manuela loses all contact with Justo. Alone and without money, she and Paloma struggle to survive. Yet Manuela never gives up, believing that she will find Justo again one day. During the tireless search for her husband, she sees a photo of former concentration camp prisoners in a magazine and becomes convinced that one of them is Justo. Her search now becomes a mission and takes on a new sense of urgency...

Winner, Audience Award,2009 VIVA! Festival, UK.

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009