5th Edition Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 15 to 20 November, 2011 Versión Español
  • about the festival
    About the Festival

    In addition to being organized by non-profit organizations, the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival is distinguished for its role in promoting the DR as an excellent location to make and produce films, thus contributing to the Country's economic growth and competitiveness.


    The Dominican Global Film Festival presents a selection of the best international, dramatic and documentary films to enrich the country’s film culture and to bring the seventh art into all sectors of Dominican society. The Festival contributes to raising awareness and understanding of global issues through stories about events and people that have left a mark on our lives. It uses film as a way to promote and encourage discussion about social issues, politics and economics.


    To enrich the film culture of the Dominican Republic.

    To show a wide variety of films that are generally not available to the Dominican public.

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  • cities

    7 Locations

    14 Venues

    Santo Domingo: Funglode, Teatro Nacional, Auditorio Pedro Mir (UASD), Palacio del Cine Blue Mall, Centro Cultural Mauricio Baéz and the Centro Cultural de las Telecomunicaciones

    Santiago (CURSA and Palácio del Cine)

    Puerto Plata (CURA)

    Nagua (CURNA)

    Higüey (CURE)


    Haití (Puerto Príncipe)

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  • films

    America (2010) Puerto Rico
    Americano (2011) Francia
    Asalto al cine (2011) Mexico
    Balada triste de trompeta (2010) España
    Boleto al paraiso (2010) Cuba
    Bicicleta, cuchara, manzana (2010) España
    Binta y la gran idea (2005) España
    Cápsulas (2011) Guatemala
    Carlos (2010) Francia
    Carro publico (2008) Enfoque Africa
    Catching Hell (2011) Estados Unidos
    Chico y Rita (2010) España
    Como estrellas en la tierra (2007) India
    Cuando el tambor esta latiendo (2011) Haiti
    Detective Dee y el misterio de la llama fantasma (2010) China
    Dev-D (2009) India
    El Sotano (2011) República Dominicana
    El dedo (2011) Argentina
    El viaje silencioso (2007) Estados Unidos
    G.W.B. (2011) Estados Unidos
    Estados Unidos (2011) Estados Unidos
    Jaque Mate (2011) República Dominicana
    Jean Gentil (2010) República Dominicana
    Hombres al dente (20101) Italia
    Las llaves de la independencia (2005) España

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  • Photo Gallery

    November 20
    Closing Night with Fernando Trueba (Chico and Rita) at Teatro Nacional

    November 19
    Tower Heist Film, Screening in Cap Cana
    Panel: Actors Studio (by: Steven Bauer) at MAURICIO BAEZ

    November 18
    11 Finalists of 3rd Short Film Competition Winners

    November 17
    Tribute at National Palace

    November 16
    Opening Night with the Blue Carpet - TEATRO NACIONAL
    Welcome Cocktail - FUNGLODE
    Gathering for Special Guests - Hotel Embajador

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  • program

    Chico and Rita
    IGM Shorts Contest (WINNING)
    6:00 PM Teatro Nacional

    Gun Hill Road
    6:00 PM Centro Cultural Mauricio Baez

    All your dead ones
    5:00 PM UASD, Auditorium Manuel del Cabral

    Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
    6:00 PM Centro Cultural de las Telecomunicaciones

    Catching Hell
    5:00 PM

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  • tributes

    The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival is proud to honor and dedicate this year´s 5th edition of the Festival to María Montez, the first Dominican actress to achieve fame in Hollywood as she became a reference for filmmaking worldwide. Next year, 2012, is the 100 year anniversary of the birth of María Montez, “the Queen of Technicolor.” For that reason, the Dominican Global Film Festival has honor to of placing her name first on this year´s list of Tributes.

    We are equally proud to welcome other national and international film and entertainment greats to this Festival. Welcome Geraldine Chaplin, Danny Glover, Vin Diesel, Agliberto Meléndez, Moctesuma Esparza and Rafael Solano.

    Festival Dedication to María Montez

    Continental Focus: Africa
    Guest of Honor: India
    Lifetime Achievement Award: Geraldine Chaplin
    "Arturo Rodríguez" Hispanic Pride in the Seventh Art Award": Moctesuma Esparza
    "Camilo Carrau" National Film Pride Award: Agliberto Meléndez
    Humanitarian Award: Danny Glover
    Musical Contributions in the Audiovisual Arts: Rafael Solano
    Support for National Cinema Award: Vin Diesel
    People’s Choice Award for the Best Picture 2010: “Jean Gentil”
    People’s Choice Honorable Mention for Best Picture 2010: “La Hija Natural”

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  • awards

    There will be two types of Prizes during the Festival:

    1. Awards for the 3rd Short Films Competitions to be awarded by a special jury.
    The prizes include the following: An iMac, The opportunity to make a short film under the auspices of the Dominican film production company, Panamericana, Scholarships to study at the Film School at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), Free online courses for one year offered by www.video2brain.com

    2. Audience Awards (for best dramatic film and best documentary film), to be selected by ballot after each screening.

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  • panels


    Laws Relative to the Film Industry
    Dominican Film Law and its benefits
    Entertainment Industry
    “I’m in L.A. Now What?”
    Rubirosa: The Last Playboy


    Journey of a Comedian
    Journalists and Reporters in the Film Industry
    Actor Studio
    Acting workshop
    Business of Film


    Real Steel and its special effects

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  • news

    Santo Domingo, November 20, 2011
    Film Nights at the National Theater

    Santo Domingo, November 20, 2011
    “GWB” Plays to a Full House in Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo, November 19, 2011
    Advice from Hollywood Stars to Aspiring Dominican Actors: Work Hard with Passion

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  • short films
    Short Films

    These are the 11 finalists of our 3rd Short Film Competition.
    Congratulations to everyone!

    1. Bajo la Mesa
    2. Bienvenida a Casa
    3. Cara // Escudo
    4. Casimente
    5. El Dinero
    6. !Hola Mamá! (Third Place)
    7. Iguales (Second Place)
    8. Irresponsabilidad Cívica
    9. La Mujer (First Place)
    10. Promesa de Lechón
    11. Regresión

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  • Global Media Arts Institute


  • Film Title: Dev.D
  • Director: Anurag Kashyap
  • Country: India
  • Year: 2009
  • Running Time: 144 minutes
  • Format: 35mm / Color
  • Language: Hindi with Spanish subtitles
  • Genre: Drama
  • Film Credits
  • Producers: Ronnie Screwvala, Deven Khote, Zarina Mehta
  • Executive Producers: Vikas Bahl, Siddharth Roy Kapur
  • Screenwriter: Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap, de la novela "Devdas" de Saratchandra Chatterjee
  • Cinematographer: Rajeev Ravi
  • Editor: Aarti Bajaj
  • Music: Amit Trivedi
  • Composer: Amit Trivedi
  • Cast: Abhay Deol, Mahie Gill, Kalki Koechli, Sindbad Phgura, Parakh Madan, Kuldeep Singh, Gurkirtan

Film Synopsis

Dev (Abhay Deol) is the son of a rich Punjabi businessman. He and Paro (Mahi Gill) are childhood sweethearts. But Dev, being an insecure narcissist, instead of acknowledging her affection and caring ways, picks on Paro over frivolous things. Dev is sent to London to do university studies when his father senses how spoiled his son is. While separated by distance, Paro and Dev's youthful love blossoms more. Dev arrives in Chandigarh to meet Paro. Their endeavor to make love makes for some dark yet comic moments. The seeds of suspicion are sown and the couple seemingly will never be able to overcome them. When Dev hears rumors about Paro, he immediately believes them and dumps her. What causes their destruction as a couple is mutual suspicion and an essentially male view of how a woman should conduct herself sexually. Paro turns her back on Dev when she hears him insult her; she agrees to marry whoever her parents choose for her. On her wedding day, Dev realizes the rumors about Paro were false. But his ego won´t allow him to admit his mistake and he lets her marry someone else.

Enter Chanda aka Leni. She is a Delhi schoolgirl of half-European descent. A date with her much older boyfriend lands her in an MMS sex scandal. Her father commits suicide as he is deeply humiliated by his daughter's reputation. She is disowned by her family. Refusing to live a life of shame and ridicule with her family, she comes back to Delhi where she works as a prostitute at night, while continuing her studies during the day. She adopts the nickname Chanda for her profession. Her 'foreign' looks mean her services are reserved for the highest-paying customers and she finds some dignity and independence in this new way of life. One night a customer is brought to her room in half-conscious state - it turns out to be Dev.

Dev, tormented by Paro’s marriage, has been seeking refuge in alcohol and drugs. He finds some solace with Chanda, but is unable to forget Paro. Once, after calling Paro's husband in the middle of the night, Paro visits him at the cheap lodge where he is staying. Paro shows her love for Dev by taking care of him, but spurns his attempts at physical intimacy. The meeting ends on a bitter note, after which Paro goes back to her married life and Dev resolves to go back to Chanda. However, confronted by the reality of her profession, he abandons her too. It is only months later, after hitting rock-bottom in his aimless life, that he gets a wake up call and decides to get his act together. He looks for Chanda once again, and with her help, sets out to start a new life.

Director's Biography

Anurag Singh Kashyap (born 10 September 1972) is an Indian film director and screenwriter. As a director, he is known for “Black Friday” (2004), a controversial and award-winning Hindi film about the 1993 Bombay bombings, followed by “No Smoking” (2007), “Dev D” (2009) and “Gulaal” (2009). As a screenwriter, he wrote the scripts for the Filmfare Award-winning “Satya” (1998) and the Academy Award-nominated Canadian film, “Water” (2005).

In 1999, Kashyap won the Best Screenplay award for “Satya” at the Star Screen Awards. The next year, his short film “Last Train to Mahakali” won the Special Jury Award at the same awards. His feature film debut “Black Friday” won the Grand Jury Prize at the 3rd Annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles (2005), and was a nominee for the Golden Leopard (Best Film) at the 57th Locarno International Film Festival (2004). Recently, he announced his association with Tumbhi where he and his team will make 6 short films for Tumbhi. He will begin his blog with them as well: Anurag's official blog (2010).