5th Edition Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 15 to 20 November, 2011 Versión Español
  • about the festival
    About the Festival

    In addition to being organized by non-profit organizations, the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival is distinguished for its role in promoting the DR as an excellent location to make and produce films, thus contributing to the Country's economic growth and competitiveness.


    The Dominican Global Film Festival presents a selection of the best international, dramatic and documentary films to enrich the country’s film culture and to bring the seventh art into all sectors of Dominican society. The Festival contributes to raising awareness and understanding of global issues through stories about events and people that have left a mark on our lives. It uses film as a way to promote and encourage discussion about social issues, politics and economics.


    To enrich the film culture of the Dominican Republic.

    To show a wide variety of films that are generally not available to the Dominican public.

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  • cities

    7 Locations

    14 Venues

    Santo Domingo: Funglode, Teatro Nacional, Auditorio Pedro Mir (UASD), Palacio del Cine Blue Mall, Centro Cultural Mauricio Baéz and the Centro Cultural de las Telecomunicaciones

    Santiago (CURSA and Palácio del Cine)

    Puerto Plata (CURA)

    Nagua (CURNA)

    Higüey (CURE)


    Haití (Puerto Príncipe)

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  • films

    America (2010) Puerto Rico
    Americano (2011) Francia
    Asalto al cine (2011) Mexico
    Balada triste de trompeta (2010) España
    Boleto al paraiso (2010) Cuba
    Bicicleta, cuchara, manzana (2010) España
    Binta y la gran idea (2005) España
    Cápsulas (2011) Guatemala
    Carlos (2010) Francia
    Carro publico (2008) Enfoque Africa
    Catching Hell (2011) Estados Unidos
    Chico y Rita (2010) España
    Como estrellas en la tierra (2007) India
    Cuando el tambor esta latiendo (2011) Haiti
    Detective Dee y el misterio de la llama fantasma (2010) China
    Dev-D (2009) India
    El Sotano (2011) República Dominicana
    El dedo (2011) Argentina
    El viaje silencioso (2007) Estados Unidos
    G.W.B. (2011) Estados Unidos
    Estados Unidos (2011) Estados Unidos
    Jaque Mate (2011) República Dominicana
    Jean Gentil (2010) República Dominicana
    Hombres al dente (20101) Italia
    Las llaves de la independencia (2005) España

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  • Photo Gallery

    November 20
    Closing Night with Fernando Trueba (Chico and Rita) at Teatro Nacional

    November 19
    Tower Heist Film, Screening in Cap Cana
    Panel: Actors Studio (by: Steven Bauer) at MAURICIO BAEZ

    November 18
    11 Finalists of 3rd Short Film Competition Winners

    November 17
    Tribute at National Palace

    November 16
    Opening Night with the Blue Carpet - TEATRO NACIONAL
    Welcome Cocktail - FUNGLODE
    Gathering for Special Guests - Hotel Embajador

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  • program

    Chico and Rita
    IGM Shorts Contest (WINNING)
    6:00 PM Teatro Nacional

    Gun Hill Road
    6:00 PM Centro Cultural Mauricio Baez

    All your dead ones
    5:00 PM UASD, Auditorium Manuel del Cabral

    Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
    6:00 PM Centro Cultural de las Telecomunicaciones

    Catching Hell
    5:00 PM

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  • tributes

    The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival is proud to honor and dedicate this year´s 5th edition of the Festival to María Montez, the first Dominican actress to achieve fame in Hollywood as she became a reference for filmmaking worldwide. Next year, 2012, is the 100 year anniversary of the birth of María Montez, “the Queen of Technicolor.” For that reason, the Dominican Global Film Festival has honor to of placing her name first on this year´s list of Tributes.

    We are equally proud to welcome other national and international film and entertainment greats to this Festival. Welcome Geraldine Chaplin, Danny Glover, Vin Diesel, Agliberto Meléndez, Moctesuma Esparza and Rafael Solano.

    Festival Dedication to María Montez

    Continental Focus: Africa
    Guest of Honor: India
    Lifetime Achievement Award: Geraldine Chaplin
    "Arturo Rodríguez" Hispanic Pride in the Seventh Art Award": Moctesuma Esparza
    "Camilo Carrau" National Film Pride Award: Agliberto Meléndez
    Humanitarian Award: Danny Glover
    Musical Contributions in the Audiovisual Arts: Rafael Solano
    Support for National Cinema Award: Vin Diesel
    People’s Choice Award for the Best Picture 2010: “Jean Gentil”
    People’s Choice Honorable Mention for Best Picture 2010: “La Hija Natural”

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  • awards

    There will be two types of Prizes during the Festival:

    1. Awards for the 3rd Short Films Competitions to be awarded by a special jury.
    The prizes include the following: An iMac, The opportunity to make a short film under the auspices of the Dominican film production company, Panamericana, Scholarships to study at the Film School at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba (EICTV), Free online courses for one year offered by www.video2brain.com

    2. Audience Awards (for best dramatic film and best documentary film), to be selected by ballot after each screening.

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  • panels


    Laws Relative to the Film Industry
    Dominican Film Law and its benefits
    Entertainment Industry
    “I’m in L.A. Now What?”
    Rubirosa: The Last Playboy


    Journey of a Comedian
    Journalists and Reporters in the Film Industry
    Actor Studio
    Acting workshop
    Business of Film


    Real Steel and its special effects

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  • news

    Santo Domingo, November 20, 2011
    Film Nights at the National Theater

    Santo Domingo, November 20, 2011
    “GWB” Plays to a Full House in Santo Domingo

    Santo Domingo, November 19, 2011
    Advice from Hollywood Stars to Aspiring Dominican Actors: Work Hard with Passion

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  • short films
    Short Films

    These are the 11 finalists of our 3rd Short Film Competition.
    Congratulations to everyone!

    1. Bajo la Mesa
    2. Bienvenida a Casa
    3. Cara // Escudo
    4. Casimente
    5. El Dinero
    6. !Hola Mamá! (Third Place)
    7. Iguales (Second Place)
    8. Irresponsabilidad Cívica
    9. La Mujer (First Place)
    10. Promesa de Lechón
    11. Regresión

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  • Global Media Arts Institute

The mission of the Dominican Global Film Festival complements that of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE).

In addition to being organized by
non-profit organizations, the Dominican Republic
Global Film Festival is distinguished for its role in
promoting the DR as an excellent location to make and
produce films, thus contributing to the Country's economic growth and competitiveness.


The Dominican Global Film Festival presents a selection of the best international, dramatic and documentary films to enrich the country’s film culture and to bring the seventh art into all sectors of Dominican society. The Festival contributes to raising awareness and understanding of global issues through stories about events and people that have left a mark on our lives. It uses film as a way to promote and encourage discussion about social issues, politics and economics.


  • To enrich the film culture of the Dominican Republic.
  • To show a wide variety of films that are generally not available to the Dominican public.
  • To show films that connect with Dominican youth and at the same time expand their appreciation of film.
  • To show films that entertain as well as improve our understanding of global issues.
  • To reach out to people from various sectors and social classes to join together in seeing and discussing the films.
  • To bring modern film culture to the schools of the Dominican Republic; to use film in the schools as a medium to understand global issues, to create proposals and solutions and to promote individual opportunities.
  • To promote the Dominican Republic within the international film industry as a desirable and viable alternative for the industry.
  • To use film to strengthen the economic development of the country.
  • To increase the visibility of the Dominican Republic in the international press.

Message From President

The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival has developed from its inauguration in 2006 having flourished and thrived on the international film circuit. Its mission remains to attract the finest of international narrative and documentary film to a discerning and heterogeneous audience, and thereby advancing cognizance of the global challenges we face.

Interest for films and filmmaking has certainly advanced in the Dominican Republic since the Festival was launched in 2006. New theaters have opened around the country, demand for training in film production, script writing, acting has spiraled among the Dominican youth, awareness is also developing in schools and civil society at large in the use of film as a tool to discuss pressing topics and issues concerning our society and as a vehicle of artistic expression.

During this year’s Festival, November 15-20, students from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Nagua, Higuey along with the general public in Cap Cana and Port-au-Prince (Haiti), will enjoy movies of exceptional quality shown in newly erected venues, with panels comprised of filmmakers who will be discussing various aspects relevant to the industry and the world of today.

It is with a genuine sense of attainment that the Festival presents an ever evolving society who has the oportunity of enjoy the best of contemporary Films and discuss important topics with passionate experts. This is a mutually inclusive aspiration held in common with that of our national education system, and also embodies within it a sense of social unity beneficial to economic growth and employment opportunities in our communities.

We are fortunate in the Dominican Republic to have a vast reservoir of creative and imaginative talent that is recognized by many in the international community of renowned professionals and academicians. Since its inception the DRGFF has accumulated an enviable list of pre-eminent contacts and formal collaborative partners both here in the region and further afield.

The DRGFF is also planning to expand even more opportunities for professionals to learn new skills through lectures and discussions with overseas experts invited here from abroad during the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival. I believe these endeavors will secure enduring long term benefits for the Dominican film and audio visual industry and will increase and attract cinematographic productions from national and international participants. Success lies with the joint effort of numerous organizations and the dedication of many individuals.

I therefore request your participation in this ground swell and that you enjoy our celebration of art and trust that you benefit from any of the opportunities this may produce for you.

Leonel Fernández
Honorary President

Message From Executive Director FUNGLODE
The Fundacion Global Democracia y Desarrollo is proud and satisfied to present the new edition of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival to the Dominican and Latin American public. We are offering this fifth cultural festival under a new modality: we are inviting all of you who view yourselves as lovers of the seventh art to join us at this event, created by FUNGLODE with hard work and dedication for the past 6 years, and to make this initiative your own.

Each year, more and more film fans anxiously await the Festival. Months prior, this burning question is asked by people from all sectors: “What movies is the FUNGLODE Festival bringing this year?” We are now proposing that this initiative not be attributed exclusively to FUNGLODE. Our intention is that all Dominicans become active participants in the Festival. From this moment on, the Dominican Global Film Festival will not just belong to FUNGLODE; the Festival is now the property of all film buffs and all those who work for and who cast their fate with the successful development of the film industry in the Dominican Republic. This is, my friends, “our Festival.”

As owners of the Dominican Global Film Festival, we will be totally involved in it, support it with the same enthusiasm as the past five years and will yearly make every effort to improve it. We intend to make this now symbolic cultural festival, the distinguished and emblematic film and audiovisual event in the Dominican Republic.

Welcome! We hope you enjoy your Festival.
Marco Herrera
Executive Director FUNGLODE

Message From Director of the Dominican Global Film Festival
Since its first edition, six years ago, the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival has made enormous strides on a national and international level while remaining faithful to its guiding principle of providing inhabitants and visitors of the Dominican Republic with the unique experience of discovering and sharing ¨global issues¨ through ¨personal stories¨ thus learning to live in this world of expanding knowledge and globalization.

The Dominican Global Film Festival (DRGFF) is a unique experience in the world of festivals due to its multi-city character. While the capital Santo Domingo is the nerve center of the country, the Film Festival is celebrated simultaneously in other venues on Hispaniola Island. As a result, inhabitants of Santiago De los Caballeros, Puerto Plata, Nagua, Higüey, Cap Cana and our fraternal neighbors in Port au Prince, Haiti all enjoy the opportunity to grow and share through film.

One of the objectives of the Dominican Global Film Festival is to obtain resources to enable it to continue developing the work plan established by the Global Media Arts Institute (GMAI) whose vision is to be a fundamental component in the development of the Dominican film industry with a first class multi-media educational center dedicated to teaching and encouraging young film talent as well as training experienced professionals.

The fourth edition of the DRGFF in 2010 attracted more than 40,000 viewers. The Festival enjoyed the support of 58 businesses and institutions which helped us host 150 international film industry professionals from 30 countries who shared their knowledge and experience with young Dominican filmmakers. Throughout the Festival, where 52 films were shown, we were honored by the presence of such distinguished guests as Liza Minnelli, Claudia Cardinale, Benicio del Toro, Zoe Saldaña, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Victoria Abril.

Thanks to close collaboration with the Ministries of Culture, Education and Higher Education as well as Dominican universities and numerous cultural centers around the country, we were able to offer 20 thematic panels, 26 professional panels and discussion groups led by local and international experts. These gatherings serve to sensitize the audience and raise awareness and comprehension of the issues highlighted in the selected films.

Without a doubt, the success of the Festival lies in the dedication and support of the entire staff, sponsors, associations and volunteers who together make this event possible. Their support is a clear acknowledgement that the DOMINICAN GLOBAL FILM FESTIVAL is on the road to achieving its goal of fomenting and promoting the continued development of the Dominican Republic in the areas of education, culture and, ultimately, the Dominican society as a whole.

Upon reaching this fifth edition, we have consolidated, expanded and penetrated the tastes of the Dominican people thus reaffirming that this Festival is “the most important film event in the country.”

Welcome and thank you for your support,
Omar de la Cruz
Director of the Dominican Global Film Festival

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