• 1. The Man by the Shore, 2003
    Synopsis: THE MAN ON THE SHORE examines the violence and instability of Haiti's darkest days. In the early 1960s, the corrupt François "baby Doc" Duvalier rose to power... | Read more >

  • 2. Lumunba, 2000
    Synopsis: Made in the tradition of such true-life political thrillers as MALCOLM X and JFK, Raoul Peck's award-winning LUMUMBA is a gripping epic that dramatizes for the first time... | Read more >

  • 3. Sometimes in April, 2005
    Synopsis: SOMETIMES IN APRIL recreates the horror and heroisms of the ten year rampage begun on April 7, 1994, by Rwanda's ethnic Hutu majority in which an estimated 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed. | Read more >

  • 4. Moloch Tropical, 2009
    Synopsis: In a masterful move, Raoul Peck claims Alexander Sokurov's Moloch as his own placing a searing critique of absolute power within the isolated walls of the magnificent Citadelle castle... | Read more >

Stuart Schulberg (1948)
Sandra Schulberg & Josh Waletzky
(Restoration - 2009)

Mexico has been chosen to start the series of screenings of foreign short films at the DRGFF.