Claudia Cardinale

Irving Vincent

Victoria Abril

One of the main objectives of the Festival is to develop an appreciation for film as well as to give the Dominican audience an opportunity to connect with and see up close some of the main players in the world of film. This is why the Festival pays tribute to outstanding figures as recognition for their contribution to different aspects of the film industry. Please join us in honoring them.

Each year the DRGFF offers tribute to a member of the film community who has contributed on many levels to world film whether through acting, directing, producing or simply inspiring and supporting the seventh art. The III edition of the DRGFF paid tribute to Omar Sharif, who obviously needs no further introduction. In 2010 The Festival will also present:

  • Lifetime Achievement Tribute: Claudia Cardinale

    Claudia Cardinale was born in Tunis, Tunisia, of Sicilian parents. Her intentions to be a school teacher were suddenly frustrated when she won a beauty contest which prize consisted of a trip to Italy.

    Cardinale has maintained very active in European cinema, her later films include Qui comincia l'avventura (1975), Fitzcarraldo (1982), La Storia (1985) and Un homme amoureux (1987), Mayrig (1991), And now... Ladies and Gentlemen (2002) and continues developing roles and characters for different European televisions and other screen productions.

    Films: Goha (1958), Girl with a Suitcase (1960), The Pink Panther (Blake Edwards), 1964, Circus World, Lost Command and the comedy Don’t Make Waves.

  • Endorsement to the National Cinema: Irving Vincent

    Teacher, Writer, Director, Filmmaker
    Irving Vincent, Director of the One Race Global Film Foundation (ORF) and NYU’s HEOP Multimedia Lab, is Co-Founder and Master Teacher of ORF and FUNGLODE’s Primera Toma, the premiere production workshop in the Dominican Republic designed to teach young people the skills to write, shoot, direct and edit their own films. He began his career in the arts on and off-Broadway, directing original plays by Imiri Barakka and Charles Fuller at the New Federal Theatre, Cassandra Medley at Ensemble Studio Theatre, and stage managing productions of At The Drop of A Hat, The Blacks and the national tour of What the Wine Sellers Buy. Vincent began teaching in 1969 at Brooklyn College, where he spent many years molding the minds of talented young actors. In 1974, he transitioned to television and became a unit manager at ABC-TV. Passionate about education, Vincent retired from ABC and returned to teaching in 1995 at NYU’s Opportunity Programs, where he produced and directed award-winning films such as Polly & Me, Phiios, and Time Management, Michael Ely’s first screen credit.
     In the summer of 2006, at the request of President Leonel Fernandez, and in conjunction with ORF, NYU and FUNGLODE, Vincent exported to the DR his successful video, film and television training program that he had developed at NYU; Primera Toma premiered in 2006 and has trained over 500 students as the newest members of the Dominican film workforce. Students have produced over 100 short films, which have been recognized at the DR Global Film Festival and NY Latino Film Festival. In 2010 at the urging of the President, Vincent brought students from around the world including Haiti, Israel, Palestine, Iran, India, United States and Senegal to incubate a new idea of using film as a tool for peace and development among nations historically at conflict. He continues to be committed to various international social causes and has his future sights set on the further growth of tomorrow’s filmmakers.

  • National Award Professional Trajectory: Victoria Abril

    Victoria Abril (Victoria Merida Rojas) was born in Madrid in 1959. She started her career in show business in a popular Spanish TV program where her charm and presence in front of the camera was soon evident, becoming a household name in Spain where she one of the most cherished actresses.

    She has a prolific career and has always been a brave actor, betting for difficult and challenging roles while working with the most prominent Spanish directors as well European, mostly French, since she established her residence in France for quite some time.

    Ms Abril international recognition came with, again, unconventional characters in Pedro Almodovar's films like "Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down" and "Tacones Lejanos".

    Her name is closely associated with de evolution of the Spanish cinema, where she holds a very special place, from its staggering beginnings to more experimental incursions to mature, and fulfilling presentations.

    The DR Global Film Festival is honored to host her and to pay tribute to Ms. Victoria Abril's career and achievements.

  • In Memoriam: Arturo Rodriguez Fernández

    The DRGFF is honoring the memory of the prestigious film critic, screen and playwright, and director of the Exhibition of Santo Domingo, Arturo Rodriguez Fernández who passed away on April 16, 2010. Mr. Rodriguez’s insightful writing about the Dominican film industry set high standards for professionals in all areas of the field. The Festival will honor Mr. Rodriguez´s work as part of our past as we move into a bright future for Dominican film.