• 1. Amy
    Synopsis: Three years ago, life was good for Amy Enker, daughter of rock star Will Enker. But today, a visit to their outback homestead by two well-meaning welfare officers... | Read more >

  • 2. Jindabyne
    Synopsis: On an annual fishing trip, Stewart, Carl, Rocco and Billy ('The Kid') find a girl's body in the river. It's too late in the day for them to hike back to the road and report their tragic find. | Read more >

  • 3. Looking for Alibrandi
    Synopsis: At seventeen Josie Alibrandi is a girl with attitude about to enter her final year as a scholarship student at an exclusive Catholic College. | Read more >

  • 4. Rabbit Foot Fence
    Synopsis: Based on the book by Doris Pilkington Garimara,Rabbit-Proof Fence is the true story of Molly Craig, a young Aboriginal girl who joins her sister and brother in an escape from a government institution...| Read more >

  • 5. the dish
    Synopsis: Based on a true story, THE DISH follows the emotions, drama and laughter behind the four day Apollo XI mission in July 1969 and the extraordinary role Australia played. | Read more>

  • 6. Yolngu Boy
    Synopsis: Caught in a collision between the brave new world of rap, football and street cred and the oldest living culture on earth, Lorrpu, Botj and Milika are three Yolngu teenagers who once shared a childhood dream of becoming great hunters together. | Read more >

Stuart Schulberg (1948)
Sandra Schulberg & Josh Waletzky
(Restoration - 2009)

Mexico has been chosen to start the series of screenings of foreign short films at the DRGFF.