The mission of the Dominican Global Film Festival complements that of the Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) and the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development.

Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo -
Global Foundation for Democracy and Development -

In addition to being organized by non-profit organizations, the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival is distinguished for its role in promoting the DR as an excellent location to make and produce films, thus contributing to the Country's economic growth and competitiveness.

Letter from the Honorarium President of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival

The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival has developed from its inauguration in 2006 having flourished and thrived on the international film circuit. Its mission remains to attract the finest of international narrative and documentary film to a discerning and heterogeneous audience, and thereby advancing cognizance of the global challenges we face.

Interest for films and filmmaking has certainly advanced in the Dominican Republic since the Festival was launched in 2006. New theaters have opened around the country, demand for training in film production, script writing, acting has spiraled among the Dominican youth, awareness is also developing in schools and civil society at large in the use of film as a tool to discuss pressing topics and issues concerning our society and as a vehicle of artistic expression. To further facilitate this, a new film law designed to be conducive to film local and international production is currently being enacted and will be the object of high level discussion in the course of this edition.

During this year’s Festival, November 16-21, students from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, Santiago, Puerto Plata, Nagua, Higuey along with the general public in Cap Cana and Port-au-Prince (Haiti), will enjoy movies of exceptional quality shown in newly erected venues, with panels comprised of filmmakers who will be discussing various aspects relevant to the industry and the world of today.

It is with a genuine sense of attainment that the Festival presents an ever evolving citizenry with the opportunity to view the very best of contemporary cinema and to discuss burning issues of our time with competent and passionate experts. This is a mutually inclusive aspiration held in common with that of our national education system, and also embodies within it a sense of social unity beneficial to economic growth and employment opportunities in our communities.

We are fortunate in the Dominican Republic to have a vast reservoir of creative and imaginative talent that is recognized by many in the international community of renowned professionals and academicians. Since its inception the DRGFF has accumulated an enviable list of pre-eminent contacts and formal collaborative partners both here in the region and further afield. The DRGFF is also planning to expand even more opportunities for professionals to learn new skills through lectures and discussions with overseas experts invited here from abroad during the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival.

I believe these endeavors will secure enduring long term benefits for the Dominican film and audio visual industry and will increase and attract cinematographic productions from national and international participants. Success lies with the joint effort of numerous organizations and the dedication of many individuals.

I therefore request your participation in this ground swell and that you enjoy our celebration of art and trust that you benefit from any of the opportunities this may produce for you.

Leonel Fernández
Honorary President

Letter from the DRGFF team

On behalf of the entire Dominican Republic Global Film Festival team, we look forward to seeing you soon and enjoying your participation in this fourth edition of the Festival which, in this short time, has clearly become an international must-see film event.

By unanimous opinion, the third annual Festival in 2009 was truly magnificent, having taken place simultaneously in 5 cities and 10 different venues around the country. The DRGFF welcomed 150 distinguished film industry guests and participants from over 30 countries to its program of 32 award winning films, while upholding its theme, “Global Issues, Personal Stories.” Guests were invited to screenings and encouraged to participate in panels and numerous cultural activities throughout the Festival.

The opening night movie at the National Theatre in Santo Domingo, was Touched. On closing night, viewers were treated to the music documentary Sol Caribe followed by a live concert. This combination proved to be a smashing success as both films were either filmed in the Dominican Republic or featured local actors and musicians, thanks to the now burgeoning Dominican film industry.

The DRGFF paid tribute to Academy Award nominee and screen legend, Omar Sharif, honoring him for his achievements in film. It also enjoyed the presence and support of Hollywood greats such as Michael Madsen, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Shalim Ortiz.

The professional industry panels and workshops, 19 in all, at FUNGLODE headquarters provided local filmmakers and students with a source of practical knowledge and advice from prominent national and international producers, filmmakers, writers, actors and industry professionals. Thanks to close collaboration between the Ministries of Culture, Education and Higher Education as well as Dominican universities across the country, an additional 20 thematic panel discussions led by local and international experts served to raise awareness and understanding of the important issues highlighted in the films.

Without a doubt, the Festival’s continuing appeal has everything to do with the nurturing and supportive partnerships, countless sponsors and volunteers who made it all possible. Their support is a clear acknowledgement that the DRGFF's efforts are on track in their goal of encouraging and promoting the continued development of the Dominican education system, culture and ultimately Dominican society.

The time is almost upon us as we gear up to share another fabulous occasion, with even more special events in store. The DRGFF invites you, welcomes you and looks forward to having you join us in this year’s film journey which promises to be even more eventful than last year and at least as much fun!

The DRGFF Team