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Santo Domingo, Nov 19, 2012
"Knuckleball!" Documentary Closes the 6th to Dominican Global Film Festival

Film screenings will continue until Wednesday November 21. On Monday and Tuesday, the Festival will officially open the 1st Fashion Film Showcase at the Agora Mall.

Prior to the official closing of the Film Festival, filmmakers, artists and invited guests gathered and signed autographs in the atrium of the Agora Mall.

(Santo Domingo, Nov 19, 2012) – The Dominican Global Film Festival (FCGD) officially closed its 6th edition on Sunday with the screening of the documentary, Knuckleball! by directors Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg. However, film screenings will continue through Wednesday November 21 at the Blue Mall and the Agora Mall.

The National Theater was full of film lovers of all ages on Sunday at the closing ceremony of the FCGD to watch the entertaining movie about the strange, amazing and erratic pitching technique known as the knuckleball.

The Eduardo Brito Hall of the National Theater hosted the gala closing ceremony attended by national and international filmmakers and actors who have been in the country since Wednesday for the numerous activities that have taken place in various cities around the country.

The names of the winners of this year’s IV Short Films Contest were announced at the FCGD closing ceremony. Rodrigo Montealegre’s short, Subterráneo took first prize; El primer día by Andrés Farías Cintrón won second prize and third prize went to Prisionero 614, by David Portorreal. Un pacto con la soledad and Mirada de Payaso, by Rodney Llaverias and Fran Pérez, respectively received honorable mention.

At the same time as the closing ceremony, Agora Mall cinema was screening director Andrés Ramírez’s Desconocidos with well-known Venezuelan actress, Sonya Smith.

On Friday and Saturday, November 16 and 17, the FCGD had special screenings in both Cap Cana and Puerto Plata. Cap Cana’s annual Film under the Stars program delighted viewers with 9 meses (Rent a Dad), by Miguel Perelló. In Puerto Plata’s beach hotel AMHSA Marina, the award-winning Paraguayan film 7 cajas (7 Boxes) was shown. Film director, Tana Schembori was present at the screening.

Festival related activities, meanwhile, will continue on Monday at the offices of Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE) at 9:00 am with the screening of the Dominican film El hombre árbol, by Fernando Rivas along with the children of the Primo Passi Preschool who wrote, acted and helped with the post-production. It is an action comedy inspired by the mystery surrounding a box found by the children in the forest.

At 10:00 am, in the Café Filó of the Juan Bosch Library, acting coach and teacher, Ivana Chubbuck, will give a workshop. Some of Ms. Chubbuck’s clients include Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendes and Halle Berry, to name a few.

First Fashion Film Showcase
The first ever Fashion Film Showcase is now part of the FCGD. This innovative addition to the Festival will kick off with The Tents by James Belzer on Monday at 7 pm at the Agora Mall. Belzer will be there to meet and greet. Tuesday, same time, same place, Bill Cunnigham, New York will be shown. The Tents takes viewers backstage into the dressing and make-up rooms to feel the excitement of  the world’s most important fashion event held during New York’s fashion week. The magazine Pandora, of El Caribe newspaper, is sponsoring the screening of The Tents.

Bill Cunnigham, New York tells the story of a photographer whose obsessive and inventive ways kept the public up to date on the latest fashion trends around the world. The magazine Factoría is sponsoring the screening of this film.

To see the full FCGD screening schedule, visit our webpage at:
FCGD organizers also took the opportunity to acknowledge support from the Embassy of Germany; Spain (through the Spanish Agency for International Development); Switzerland and the United States (through the Franklin Center) as well as the Dominico-German Center and Goethe Institute.  

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