Acting Workshops

Sonya Smith
Born in Germany, Sonya Smith is the daughter of Venezuelan actress Ileana Jacket and American father Federico Albertini. She launched her career in the early 1990s in the role of Estrellita Montenegro, the main character in Cara sucia, a Venezuelan soap opera that enjoyed huge success in her own country as well as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Peru.  In 2005, Ms. Smith made her debut in Hollywood as Angela LaSalle in Cyxork 7.  In 2007, she participated in another Hollywood film, Ladrón que roba a ladrón where she shared credits with Fernando Colunga and Miguel Varoni among others.  Sonya will be at the DR Film Festival with the movie, Desconocidos.

Juan Pablo Llano

Juan Pablo Llano got into modeling as the main image for Costeña Beer, Real, Boston Cigarettes and also participated in a catalogue about the history of sexy underwear. On an international level, he made commercials for Sunsilk, Bayer and Contigo Mobile Phones. Juan Pablo has been a member of the Colombiamoda and Colombiatex Fashion Festivals. He is currently working as an actor in several Teleset TV series as the authentic Rodrigo Leal, with other important actors like Jairo Camargo and Raquel Ercole. Today, he is one of the most internationally recognized Colombian actors. He lives in Miami where he is breaking into the English language television market. Juan Pablo will be at the DR Film Festival with the movie, Desconocidos.

(Saturday Nov. 17, 11:00 am. Mauricio Báez Auditorium, Santo Domingo)

Sophie Rois

Sophie Rois was born in 1961 in Ottensheim (Austria) and received her professional training as an actress beginning in 1983 en Wien. Three years later she moved to Berlin where she began her acting career in various theaters. Since 1993, Sophie Rois has been part of the cast of “Volksbühne” where she worked with well-known theater directors. Since 1990, she also worked in film and television and many award winning German feature films. Among other acting awards, she won the German Film Award twice – in 2009 for The Architect and 2011 for Three. In 2012, she was chosen as actress of the year.

(Saturday Nov. 17, 11:00 am. CCT, Santo Domingo)

Luis José López

Luis Jose Lopez, is a Dominican-American actor who has made a solid career in film, television and stage. Lopez starred in several independent features including Play Ball. On the smaller screen, Lopez appeared in Modern Family, CSI: NY Undercover, and CSI. Most recently, Luis Jose Lopez appeared in the CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Beyond the Blackboard. Cited for his fearless and authentic work, Lopez was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the 2011 Imagen Awards.

(Saturday Nov. 17, 11:00 am, CURNA, Nagua)

Robmariel Olea

Dominican actress and singer, Robmariel studied acting at the School of Dramatic Arts of the Dominican Republic then later at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York City. As an actress, her musical roles include: Hairspray; Cabaret; Jesus Christ Superstar; The Sound of Music; Annie; The Beauty and the Beast and Fiddler on the Roof. In theater, she played in Three Tall Women, Women’s Jail, The Last Moment as well as Palabras Encadenadas, La Verdad Sospechosa, In the Time of the Butterflies and Por Gusto as part of the Spanish Repertory in New York City. In 2003, she was given the Casandra Award for Best Actress.

(Saturday Nov. 17, 11:00 am. CURSA, Santiago)

Ramsés Jiménez

Actor and Director, Ramses began his acting career in an unexpected way when, as a freshman at university, he was looking for a job in production on a film. The director met and convinced him to audition for the main part in the independent film, Chicago Boricua. He began his acting career with this film then went on to play other important parts in such films as Lets Go To Prison and Nothing Like The Holidays. After moving to Los Angeles, Ramses continued his acting career in various TV series such as Law and Order, CSI Miami, CSI, In Plain Sight, Supah Ninjas and commercials for important brands. Ramses has also produced and directed TV pilots with Cicely y Zoe Saldana. He recently played in several episodes of Vin Diesel’s TV series, The Ropes.

(Saturday Nov. 17, 11:00am. CURA, Puerto Plata)


Professional Panels

HD SLDR Seminar with Philip Bloom

This is a one-day seminar with ample interaction with the participating public. Learn how to get the most out of your DSLR digital reflex camera, sound recording techniques, analysis of a piece. A big chunk of creativity with breakdown of lighting, pre-production and so much more! Large Sensor Camcorders and how to get the best out of them, including the Blackmagic camera. The joy of Time lapse.

(Saturday Nov 10, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Palacio del Cine, Agora Mall)


MASTER CLASS with Philip Bloom

A Master Class given by the renowned British filmmaker, Philip Bloom. This will be two-days of intensive learning and interaction with the guru of HD digital cameras. Participants can take the maximum advantage of his camera, including adjustments and optics. You will learn about time lapse and do practical filming exercises that will be analyzed with the director.

(Monday Nov 12 and Tuesday Nov 13 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)



Panel discussion led by Emiliano Otegui, prize-winning Spanish producer.

(Thursday Nov 15, 9:00 am. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Panelists: Rigoberto López, Marta Checo and Agustín Cortés
Topic: Documentary film as historical artifacts and repository of cultural memory, showing both personal and collective stories, exploring reality and introducing new social discourses.      

(Thursday Nov 15, 10:00 am. Café Filó. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)


Speaker: Freddy Vargas
Workshop: a practical review of the different aspects of cinema—script, direction, camera, cinematography, sound, lighting, etc.—to provide an understanding of all the processes that come together in the creation of a short film.

(Thursday Nov 15, 3:00 pm. ITLA, Santo Domingo)


Panel discussion led by Lourdes Prieto Pérez-Castañeda, prize-winning Cuban director and scriptwriter.

(Thursday Nov 15, 3:00 pm. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Zero-cost promotion
Speaker: José Rafael Sosa
Workshop: How to promote a film for free: an exercise exclusively for independent directors and producers.

(Thursday Nov 15, 12:00 pm. Café Filó, FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

The role of the media in the film industry

Panelists: Juan Carlos Arciniegas (CNN), Jorge Cámara (Hollywood Foreign Press), Carlos Gómez Iniesta (Cine Premiere – México), Alfonso Quiñones (Diario Libre),  Armando Almánzar (Listín Diario) and Félix Manuel Lora.
Topic: The media and the movies: friends or enemies?

(Thursday Nov 15, 11:00 am. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Workshop on Stopped on Track
(winner of five 2012 German Film Awards, including “Best Picture”)
Speakers: Cooky Ziesche, nominated for a German Film Award for her script for Stopped on Track. Sabine Greunig, winner of the German Film Award for costume design for Cherry BlossomsHanami (2008).


Panel discussion led by scriptwriter Hiram Martínez (Girl in Progress).

(Friday Nov 16, 10:00 am. Biblioteca Juan Bosch, FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Entertainment Branding: trailers, promos and openings

Speaker: Marty Wall.
Workshop: The importance of the “trailer,” promos and openings as tools for positioning your brand. 

(Friday Nov 16, 3:00 pm. ITLA, Santo Domingo)


Panel discussion led by director of photography Raúl Armando Rodríguez Cabrera.

(Friday Nov 16, 3:00 pm. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Cinematographer contracts

Panelists: José María Cabral and Fernando Ramírez
Topic: Audiovisual production requires a high level of professionalization and broad economic and legal knowledge to coordinate the full production process successfully.

(Friday Nov 16, 9:00 am. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Directing Video Clips

Panelists: Tabaré Blanchard, Daniel Duran, Jochy Fersobe, Pedro Urrutia, Alberto Zayas
Topic: A practical discussion by these directors on all the processes that come together in the filming, production and post-production of a music video.

(Friday Nov 16, 11:00 am. FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Premiere Pro vs Final Cut

Speaker: Jorge Mochón.     
Workshop: Strengths and weaknesses of the workflows in the two software applications. You decide which to use.

(Friday Nov 16, 10:00 am. ITLA, Santo Domingo)

Film acting

Panel discussion led by noted teacher and acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck.

(Monday Nov 19, 10:00 am. Biblioteca Juan Bosch, FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo)

Film direction and photography

Panel discussion led by Ciro Cappellari, director, scriptwriter and director of photography.

(Thursday Nov 15, 10:00 am. ITLA, Santo Domingo)