• Film Title (Original): Máximo Gómez:
    Hijo del Destino
  • Title (English): Máximo Gómez: Son of Fate
  • Title (Spanish):Máximo Gómez: Hijo del Destino
  • Country Of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Year Of Completion: 2010
  • Running Time: 70 min.
  • Format/Color/Bw: --
  • Language: Spanish


  • General Director: Ramón Elías Reyes
  • Producer: Unicornio Films
  • Executive Producer: Rafael Núñez
  • Director of Photography: Fernando Báez
  • Production Director: Carmen María Grullón
  • Art Director: Franklin Soto
  • Music: Pedro Pagán
  • Cast: Iván García, Víctor Ramírez, Johnny Ramírez, Canek Denis, Laura Guzmán, Fiora Cruz, Karina Nobles, Patricia Portela
  • Genre: Historical Documentary


The documentary, based on the novel of the same title, depicts the life of Dominican Máximo Gómez, Deliverer of Cuba, who was the typical military strategist posed for war, willing -as he always was- to face the enemy on any ground, with gallantry unrestrained, and the character of the military chief endowed with the necessary authority to command armies. The modern cinematography of this film portrays Máximo Gómez as a husband, father, son and friend who knew when to holster a machete to write a love letter to his dearest beloved after an extenuating ordeal against the enemy.

The aesthetic and historical treatment of important passages of this daring kinetics of Gomez, the strategist, leads us to experience first hand the locations, monuments and photographs that support and empower the narrative, complemented by Dominican and Cuban historians, specialists in different stages of the life of the Generalissimo of the Mambí Army.

Filmed on location in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, the film plunges us in the final years of the 19th Century and into the intrinsic processes which closed 400 years of Spanish slavery and colonialism in the Island of Cuba.


Ramón Elías Reyes