• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Del fondo de la noche

    FILM TITLE (English): Del Fondo de la noche
    DIRECTOR: Javier Balaguer
    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Dominican Republic
    YEAR of Completition: 2007
    RUNNING TIME: 63 minutes
    FORMAT/Color/BW: 35mm, Color/ Black and White
    LANGUAGE : Spanish English Subtitles


    Director: Javier Balaguer
    Producers: Rafael Sarró Ideas de Comunicación Made in Spain FUNGLODE
    Executives Producers: José García , Anna Cassina, Jesús García
    Screenwriter: Rafael Sarró
    Cinematography: Claudio Chea
    Editing: Guillermo Represa
    Music: Carles Cases
    Cast: Mónica Sepúlveda, Víctor Checo, Rafael Alduey, Pepito Miro, Frank Perozo, Omar Ramírez, Carlos Fernández, Fernando Rodríguez, Christian Guthermann, Wilkin Abreu, Mónica Pérez, Grecia Berrido.

    The final moments of the dictatorship of Leónidas Trujillo in the Dominican Republic as seen through the eyes of three characters who play decisive roles in the struggle to recover their country´s freedom: Juan Bosch, a politician, Pedro Mir, the national poet and the heroine and martyr Minerva Mirabel.  The long sequence of Trujillo´s assassination runs throughout the entire film, linking together the lives of Bosch, Mir and Minerva Mirabel. From exile, Juan Bosch is the first to condemn Trujillo and his dictatorship. Pedro Mir is the poetic voice who provides the musical background to the revolution. And Minerva Mirabel, whom we follow from her childhood until her horrible execution ordered by the dictator, is the emotional and exemplary element of a documentary film that captures an exceptional moment in the history, politics and life in the Dominican Republic.