• TITLE (ORIGINAL): Buscando a Larisa

    TITLE (English): Looking for Larisa
    DIRECTOR: Andrés Pardo Piccone
    COUNTRY: Mexico
    YEAR: 2012
    LENGTH: 79 min
    LANGUAGE: Spanish with English subtitles

    Director: Andrés Pardo Piccone
    Producers: Andrés Pardo Piccone, Santiago Cassarino, Diego Álvarez, Paloma Rangel, Agustin Gutierrez
    Executive Producers: Andrés Pardo Piccone, Santiago Cassarino, Diego Álvarez
    Script: Andrés Pardo
    Cinematography: Santiago Cassarino
    Editor: Andrés Pardo
    Music: Yonny Roldán
    Sound desgin: Yonny Roldán
    Cast: Larisa Hernández, Arturo Villalobos, Javier Samano Chong, Ana María Piccone. Amanda de la Garza, Jose Eduardo Ruiz, Iván Trujillo, Jorge Calderón

    A box full of lost memories are sold to the highest bidder at an antique shop. A collector of Video 8 films snaps them up and comes across ten-years worth of family films that feature a little blond girl identified only by her first name: Larisa.  Through Larisa’s face, Andrés Pardo puts together a documentary about the importance of connecting memories and identifying people. He also wonders, who would want to sell their memories.
    Director's Biography
    Andrés Pardo Piccone was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in August 1977 where he studied film and resided until 2003 when he moved to Mexico City. He is an editor, post-production supervisor, lover of Super 8 film and Soviet-era film cameras. "Searching for Larisa" is his first film as a director.