The Night of Short Films – Certificates Awarded to Selected Films
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Winner of Dominican Short Film Competition to be Shown in New York at Latino Film Fest May 26, 2010
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January 14, 2009
Three Films Shown in the III Dominican Global Film Festival Nominated for Golden Globes
December 17, 2009

The night before choosing the final winner of the short films competition organized by the Festival, the Mauricio Báez hall was the spot chosen to hand out certificates to all of those who participated in the contest.

Certificados para los cortometrajes seleccionadosSanto Domingo, November 21, 2009-   Over the course of the Festival, before each participating film, for the first time ever, audiences were treated to a screening of the Dominican short films that participated in the contest. All told, eleven films were selected and shown around the country at the various venues. They were all considered winners for having had the golden opportunity of having their work seen by the public.

The very idea that the short films participated in the Film Festival was a dream come true. The contest culminated on Saturday November 21 with a ceremony in which some of the young filmmakers proudly took to the stage to receive their certificates in recognition of their work. As planned far in advance of the Festival, the shorts contest is a new section of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival that seeks to stimulate and provide incentives to young filmmakers around the country.

All of the work selected can be seen on the Festival’s webpage.

Concurso de CortosShort films selected as Finalists:

  • Cheating Heart - Director: Ivan Aybar
  • In a Hut - Director: Félix Germán
  • The Motorcycle Transporter - Director: Roberto Abreu
  • Inseparables - Director: Susibel Espaillat
  • The Indelible Stain - Director: Francisco Montás
  • The Loves of Juan Bosch - Director: Peyi Guzmán
  • Menudo pa’ cuanto - Directora: Julian Roa Duran
  • Net Payment - Director: Jose Aquino
  • Pedro de Bella Vista and His Dream - Director: Rodrigo Montealegre
  • One Assault, Two Friends and Three to Run - Director: Miguel Alcantara
  • A Return Ticket - Director: Robert Lizardo

First prize will be awarded on Sunday, November 22 at the National Theater at 6:00 PM

Come and meet the winner!

III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival - 2009