Saturday Nov 11, 2006 : 2PM – 4PM


High Level Panel on the Business of Film in the Dominican Republic

The purpose of this high-level panel is to set the premises and put together all the necessary elements coming together for a promising and exciting reality, bringing about a dynamic and successful national film industry.

The film industry requires the combination of a set of special factors, one useless without the other: government support, legislative framework, technical infrastructure, domestic and international investment, skilled labor force and artistic talent. The Dominican Republic has all these elements, as many film makers have recognized coming to these shores to shoot their productions. The need to identify and define the competitive advantage the country has to offer, and to encourage the development of an indigenous industry is an opportunity and a challenge claiming to be approached.

The justification to encourage the advance of this industry is hardly necessary but some of the highly desirable elements it could bring along are:

• the expansion of infrastructure;
• the creation of educational and training programs resulting in a skilled labor force;
• the exposure of young professionals to the technical and artistic skills;
• the installation and development of cutting edge technology;
• the promotion of small business and independent contractors;
• the generation of economic activity and growth.

All of these factors produce high-quality, high-wage jobs, attracting skilled technicians and professionals, crucial to a robust economy, to stay in the country and avoid the brain drain.

The support and enthusiasm found among the local producers, artists, directors, professionals and filmmakers has been only matched by those from abroad with experience in film producing and shooting in the country. This is an opportunity the Dominican Republic cannot afford to miss.

Opening remarks by Dr. Leonel Fernández, President of Dominican Republic

Gonzalo Castellanos, Lawyer, who elaborated a model Law of Cinema for Columbia

Brett Ratner, Film Director, Producer, Writer, and Actor

Eddy Martinez, Executive Director of CEI-RD

Arturo Rodriguez, DR Film Commissioner

Nina Streich, Director of the Peace Film Festival

Michael Levett, President of the Citizens' Development Corps (CDC)

Isabel Hill, Volunteer with Citizens Development Corps, Sth. Carolina Film Commission.


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