Festival de Cine Global Dominicano

Film Discussion: Tesis sobre un homicidio

Hernán Goldfrid – Director de la película

15.11.13 – 7:00 pm / Blue Mall Palace Cinema

Hernán Goldfrid is an Argentine director who began his career as an actor. His work behind the camera began in 2001 when he was chosen to be an assistant director for various film and TV productions. Mr. Goldfrid attracted a great deal of attention in 2009 with his directorial debut with the romantic comedy, Música en espera, which became a huge box office success. Tesis sobre un homicidio is his second feature film.

Discussion: Challenges of Latin American Athletes. Then and Now.

Juan Marichal, Charles S. Farrell, Félix Sánchez, César Gerónimo, Pedro Leandro Rodríguez

18.11.13 – 5:00 pm / Blue Mall Palace Cinema

The world of sports is synonymous with applause, competition, challenges and demonstrations of joy. However, it is also a stage upon which different societal positions as well as constant changes and challenges play out. Doubtless, the most representative and loved athletes of the Dominican Republic include Juan Marichal, the only Dominican inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame; Félix Sánchez, reigning Olympic champion in track and field; César Gerónimo, Major League player and winner of 4 consecutive Gold Glove Awards and Pedro Leandro Rodríguez, founder of the Dominican Basketball League, sports researcher and cofounder of the Dominican Republic Sports & Education Academy. These sports giants will discuss the different scenarios that affect sports today and, above all, the influence of Latinos in world sports.

This conversation will accompany the screening of the film 42, a real life story about racism that prevailed in major league baseball in the 1940s and what is happening in that area today.

Film Discussion: No todos somos culpables

David Cavada, Director; Ana Blanco, Guionista y Jesús Abreu, Productor

18.11.13 – 9:00 pm. Blue Mall Palace Cinema


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