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Discussion: Script and Film Direction: The role of the big screen

Rafa Lara

13.11.13 – 9:00 am / UASD

Rafa Lara is a Mexican director with more than 15 years experience working in a variety of different countries. Lara studied science of communication, political science, economy, psychology, film directing, drama, screenwriting, graphic design and music.

His productions include a series of documentaries on Latin America for Discovery Channel, the short film Nadie Escucha (2002), La Milagrosa (2008), Labios Rojos (2011), El quinto mandamiento (2012) and Cinco de mayo: la batalla, finished in 2013.

Panel: Distribution and Acquisitions

Luis Rafael González, Stacey Stanley, Sandra Condito, Tony Román.

13.11.13 – 11:00 am / Blue Mall Film Palace

Film financing is always a huge challenge for most audiovisual and film projects. This forum will study the various issues and novelties that occur around the world of film financing.

Discussion: Artistic representation

Alberto Navarro

13.11.13 – 3:00 pm / ITLA

These days, the success of an artist is the fruit of hard work, talent and a good manager. The manager is in charge of finding contracts and agreements that benefit the artist and increasing his/her popularity. Alberto Navarro is a successful representative of many Latin American artists, such as Mauricio Henao and Arap Bethke. Mr. Navarro is the director of Talento Latino.

Discussion: Casting direction

Ulysses Terrero

13.11.13 – 4:00 pm / ITLA

Big film productions require the careful selection of the right actors. For this important task, a specialized team led by a casting director is called upon. The casting director works in cooperation with the director, the actors and the actors’ agents as well as the studio in his/her search for the right person to fill the part. This discussion offered by Ulysses Terrero, a US citizen of Dominican origin who happens to be the first and only Dominican casting director in Hollywood, is a must for those who wish to expand their knowledge in this area of the industry. Terrero has worked as a casting director for MTV, HBO and on various TV advertising spots.

Conversation with Esai Morales

13.11.13 – 4:30 pm / Funglode. Café Filó.

Esai Manuel Morales is a US actor of Puerto Rican origin. One of his main screen roles was in 1987 when he played Bob Valens, the brother of Richie Valens in La Bamba.  He is also remembered for his role as Tony Rodríguez, in NYPD Blue. Morales became involved as a labor and union activist and testified before the US Congress on issues such as Latinos in Hollywood, anti-tobacco campaigns and the preservation of flora and fauna in Costa Rica. In recent years he worked on the TV series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds.

Morales is a founding board member of Earth Communications Office (ECO), an environmental information exchange center. He has also worked closely with Health Education Aids Liaison (HEAL), to raise awareness about AIDS.


Adriana Barraza.

13.11.13 – 6:00 p. m. / Funglode Auditorium.

Actress Adriana Barraza was born March 5, 1956 in Toluca, Mexico.  She is a popular star of Spanish television. Barraza is also a reputed acting coach and director in her native Mexico. In 2000, she appeared in Alejandro González Iárritu’s critically acclaimed Amores Perros. Despite this success, she was virtually unrecognizable to mainstream audiences when cast as Amelia in Iárritu’s award-winning film Babel. Barraza’s tough, complex performance as an illegal immigrant nanny forced to take care of two American children in the desert earned her several accolades, including a San Francisco Film Critics Circle award for Best Supporting Actress and Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations.

Master Class: Caribbean Women Behind the Camera

Michelle Materre

14.11.13 – 3:00 P.M. / Funglode. Café Filó.

Ms. Materre’s professional background spans more than 25 years in the independent film and television industry as producer, writer, distribution/marketing specialist, and educator. Ms. Materre is currently professor of Media Studies and Film at The New School and serves on the Board of Directors of Women Make Movies. She serves as consultant to numerous filmmakers and companies on issues of distribution, marketing and exhibition. Materre was awarded the New School University Distinguished Teaching Award in 2005, and recently won the Pioneer Award from The Reel Sisters Film Festival for her outstanding contributions to film and culture in the U.S.

Discussion: Acting and Writing

Carlos Bardem

14.11.13 – 4:30 pm / Funglode. Café Filó.

Good acting along with a good script is always a successful formula. Carlos Bardem, actor, screenwriter and novelist, also holds a degree in History from the Autonomous University of Madrid. In 1999 his novel Muertes Ejemplares received special mention from Spain’s prestigious Nadal Prize committee. He also acted in important films such as Princesas (2005), Alatriste (2006) and Che: Guerrilla in 2008. For his role as Apache in Celda 211, he received a great deal of recognition, including nomination for a Goya.

Discussion: The Value of Short Films

Freddy Vargas

14.11.13 – 9:00 am / UASD

The making of short films has grown rapidly as it is a genre that is eminently self-taught and therefore there are no established canons covering it. For this reason, the so-called “short” is an impulsive platform of new narrative and visual styles. Transgression of the classical norms of cinematography accommodates this type of filmmaking. Freddy Vargas is a Dominican filmmaker living in the United States where he has made many short films that have received an abundance of much deserved recognition that has enabled him to make a documentary and two feature films.

Discussion: The Film Script

Luis Arambilet

14.11.13 – 11:00 am / Blue Mall Palace Cinema

This is a discussion on learning basic techniques about the film script and how to develop screenwriting skills. Luis Arambilet is an outstanding writer, painter, multimedia artist, graphic humorist, producer, film director and Dominican-Spanish systems engineer.

Master Class: Direction of Photography

Ché Castellanos

14.11.13 – 3:00 pm. ITLA

As the main collaborator with the director on a film, the director of photography (DP) is a true creative artist. This masterclass will be given by Huberto “Ché” Castellanos, one of the best directors of photography in the country. He will share his experiences, anecdotes and technical achievements with his students in this Master Class.

Discussion: Film Directing

Elías Acosta

14.11.13 – 4:00 pm / ITLA

Film has the power to create realities and possibilities as it provides us with a window into different worlds. A film director is an audiovisual artist and creative designer with the capacity to interpret a script, create characters and direct actors. A director must also have the talent to construct an original artistic aesthetic and the sensitivity to generate an appropriate climate through the use of light and choice of setting. Elías Acosta holds a degree in Cinematography from Goshen College, Indiana, and a postgraduate degree from Regent University of Virginia.


Jessy Terrero

14.11.13 - 6:00 pm. APEC. Conference Room. Building 1, 1st floor.

Jessy Terrero is an American director of Dominican descent who began his career working in music videos. To this day, he has worked with a variety of acclaimed artist including 50 Cent, Wisin y Yandel, Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias, among many others. He marked his feature film directorial debut in 2004 with Soul Plane (MGM), starring Kevin Hart, Tom Arnold, Sofia Vergara and Snoop Dog, followed closely by Gun (Lionsgate), starring 50 Cent and Val Kilmer.

Most recently, Terrero directed Freelancers (Lionsgate), starring Robert DeNiro, Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent. He is currently in pre-production for his next feature film, The Pursuit.

Discussion: Film Appreciation

Carlos Pineda Echavarría

15.11.13 – 3:00 pm / ITLA

Carlos Mario Pineda Echavarría is a specialist in Cultural Management and Promotion at the University of Antioquia. He writes a regular column about film in the newspaper Nexos. He has published articles in various specialized magazines such as Kinetoscopio, Culture & Labor (from the National Syndicate School); Temas, Eafit University; Avanzada, from the University of Medellín. He taught Film Appreciation at several universities, including Eafit, San Buenaventura, Pontificia Bolivariana, the Jaime Isaza Cadavid Politech of Colombia and the Yurupary Cultural Academy.

Corto Global: The Finalists and their Challenges

15.11.13 – 5:00 pm / Universidad APEC. Conference Room. Building 1, 1st floor.

Eleven finalists are competing for three top prizes in the FCGD Short Film Competition “Corto Global” or Global Shorts. The films in the competition will be shown, analyzed and commented on by the films’ producers. They will also participate in a Question and Answer session with the audience.

Eleven stories, eleven new filmmakers, Dominican and other nationalities, who dared to make film in the parent genre of cinema: the short film.

Workshop: Makeup for Film

Aleja Flores

15.11.13 – 4:00 pm / ITLA

In film, television and theater, makeup is extremely important in the same way that lighting affects perception. Makeup helps create the character and also contributes to the external characterization, making the physical appearance appropriate to the demands of the script. Aleja Flores is a renowned professional makeup specialist and has worked in films like Los Bandoleros with Vin Diesel who directed, wrote and acted in.

Actor’s Studio

With José Guillermo Cortines y Carlos de la Mota

16.11.13 – 11:00 am / Blue Mall Film Palace 

These stars of the small screen are now moving into the seventh art. Both actors have interesting stories of perseverance and hard work in the world of entertainment. José Guillermo Cortines and Carlos de la Mota are two Dominican actors with international on-screen notoriety.

Actor’s Studio

con Solly Durán

16.11.13 – 11:00 am / CURNA, Nagua

Solly Durán is a young Dominican actress who has participated in national and international films including last year’s Spanish film, Mediterranean Blue and in The Truth, by Andy García. She was selected for one of the major roles in the new film, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, shot in Samaná, Dominican Republic and will premiere in 2014. She also acted in Francis Disla’s film, El Hoyo del Diablo; in the short film Prisoner 614 and can be seen in international advertising campaigns such Levi’s.

Actor’s Studio

con Elvis Nolasco

16.11.13 – 11:00 am / Gran Teatro Regional of Cibao, Santiago 

Elvis Nolasco is a US actor of Dominican origin who has worked on several important TV series and movies such as: Police of New York (1997), Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2004), Che: (2008) and Old Boy (2013).

Actor’s Studio

con Rayniel Rufino

16.11.13 – 2:00 pm / Casa de Cultura – Puerto Plata

Rayniel Rufino is a Dominican actor and musician raised in the Washington Heights in New York City. From his early youth to today, Rayniel has pursued his passion for acting.  His debut film was Liberty Kid (Media Luna) followed up by his striking performance in Sugar (HBO).  Most recently, Rayniel is starring in Biodegradable directed by Juan Basanta and shot on location in the Dominican Republic.  He starred in Trouble in the Heights to which he contributed songs to the soundtrack, including the final title song, “A New Day.”

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