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Greencard Warriors, FCGD Official Selection, Premiered at LA Latino Film Festival

Greencard Warriors, película escrita y dirigida por la holandesa Miriam Kruishoop -selección oficial del FCGD- fue premiada en la décimo sexta edición del Los Ángeles Latino Film Festival, el cual se desarrrolló a finales de octubre.

Greencard Warriors, FCGD Official Selection, Premiered at LA Latino Film Festival

(Santo Domingo, November 4, 2013).- FCGD’s Official Selection, Greencard Warriors, written and directed by Dutch filmmaker Miriam Kruishoop, premiered at the 10th edition of the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival this October.

The LA Latino Festival, held from October 10-14, gave the Best Director award to Miriam Kruishoop for her outstanding work on this film, which follows the story of 14-year Angel and his family, who struggles to find their place in American society. With the promise of naturalization papers, the US military presents Angel’s father with the opportunity for a brighter future for his family if he sends his eldest son into the US Army.

Kruishoop got the idea for the film after seeing a recruitment billboard for the US Marines, and it occurred to her that recruiting for the Army or for a gang isn’t that different.

Kruishoop is a photographer and director, winner of various awards such as the Citroën Prize, the Dutch Festival and the Culture Prize in Amsterdam.

The film, which is in the “Tocando RD” (Touching the DR) section at the Dominican Global Film Festival, stars the outstanding Dominican actor Manny Pérez - one of the invited guests who will walk the red carpet at the inauguration of the Festival on November 12th.

Also at the LA Latino Film Festival, Ponchao, starring Manny Pérez as well, won the People’s Choice Award.

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