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Dominican Global Film Festival Screens Made in Dagenham as Benefit for Anti-Violence Foundation
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Fundación Vida Sin Violencia (Life without Violence Foundation), for the past four years, has been giving workshops to students, teachers, parent associations, community members and neighborhood leaders to promote the culture of peace and prevention of violence.

Dominican Global Film Festival Screens Made in Dagenham as Benefit for Anti-Violence Foundation

(Santo Domingo November 19, 2013) – The Dominican Global Film Festival and the Life without Violence Foundation joined forces for the Gala Benefit at Cinema Palace Blue Mall where they screened the British film, Made in Dagenham by renowned director Nigel Cole. The movie film, part of the Guest of Honor category of this year’s Film Festival, tells the story of 187 women who in 1968 fought for labor rights and gender equality in the United Kingdom.

Distinguished individuals who attended the activity included Rosa Roa de López, Emma Valois, Velkys de Castaños, Miguelina Acosta, Amarilys Durán, Armidis Galán, Verónica Sención, Nurys Veras, Loly Alonso, Elisa Morato, Isabel Reynoso, María Cristina de Farías, Luchy de Elias, Rosa María Nadal, Magaly Tiburcio and Mildred Josefina de Sánchez Noble. Director of Logistics of the Dominican Global Film Festival, Taina Rodríguez, and Director of the General Directorate of Film, Ellis Pérez, also attended the event.

Yanira Fondeur de Hernández, president of Life without Violence Foundation, thanked guests and film lovers who attended the screening and benefit. Ms. Fondeur de Hernández explained that the objective of the Gala Benefit was to collect funds to continue giving workshops on domestic, family and gender violence that are offered by this non-profit foundation.

For her part, Rosa Roa de López pointed out that November is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and therefore it is appropriate to be holding a film event about women’s development. “This is the month when we remember the death of the Mirabal sisters. This film shows how we as women are capable of empowering ourselves and achieving our rights in such an unequal world. We are committed to holding a gala like this every year.”

The film, nominated for four British Academy and Television (BAFTA) awards including best British film and best supporting actress for Miranda Richardson, stars Sally Hawkins, Golden Globe winner for her role in the 2008 British movie, Happy Go Lucky.

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