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Dominican Film, La Montaña, to Open at Theaters in DR
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Producers of FUNGLODE Films, Visual Sonora and Aguaviva announced on Wednesday the premiere of La Montaña.

Dominican Film, La Montaña, to Open at Theaters in DR

Producers of FUNGLODE Films, Visual Sonora and Aguaviva announced on Wednesday that La Montaña will open in theaters on October 24th. They also presented the trailer and gave details on the film’s production.

La Montaña, directed by Tabaré Blanchard and co-directed by Ivan Herrera, is based on the expedition to the top of Mount Everest of Dominican mountain climbers Iván Gómez, Karim Mella and Federico Jovine in 2011. Simultaneously, a parallel story is occurring: three teenagers from Nizao, inspired by the Everest expedition, decide to climb the highest mountain in their country: Pico Duarte.

Iván Herrera co-directed the film, with music and narration by Pavel Núñez, with the work of Marco Herrera and Laura Castellanos as executive producers. La Montaña (The Mountain) will open in Dominican movie theaters after having toured a series of international film festivals as an official selection. It has screened at the Las Americas International Film Festival in Austin, Texas; the International Film Festival of Maine and the International Film Festival of Aruba.

Laura Castellanos, executive producer and representative of Aguaviva, explained that La Montaña is an emotional film, full of many contrasts. In addition to the obvious contrast between Asia and the Caribbean, the filmmakers created an emotional parallel between the professional mountain climbers, Iván, Karim and Federico, and the three young surfers from Nizao who, without any resources, were inspired by their professional counterparts to climb their own mountain.

“It is a film for the entire family with an inspiring story full of motivational messages and nationalist spirit that we know is going to win the hearts of Dominicans. All of us followed Iván, Karim and Federico when they climbed in 2011. La Montaña will enable us to relive the expedition with much more intimacy and greater emotions, thanks to the creativity of the filmmakers and the wonderful musical score,” Castellanos said.

Yvette Marichal, representing FUNGLODE, said La Montaña is the first initiative to receive support from FUNGLODE Films, and that they will be exploring new and inspiring alternatives for Dominican film. “Now that FUNGLODE has charted a course through initiatives like our Dominican Global Film Festival, short films contest, conferences, training of our filmmakers and providing support for the implementation of the Dominican Film Law. FUNGLODE FILMS is a new step toward an objective that we have had for many years: to promote Dominican film.”

For their part, filmmakers Tabaré Blanchard and Iván Herrera, said when the idea of making the film came up, they were moved. They talked about what it was like to follow the mountain climbers and to capture first-hand the effort and dedication of the whole expedition to make it up Mt. Everest and to plant the Dominican flag on the top of the highest mountain in the world. This was Blanchard’s directorial debut although he and Herrera both have a great deal of production experience in national and foreign films.

Regarding the music, representatives of La Montaña explained that they used previously unpublished music of Pavel Núñez, who composed the musical score for the film and made the soundtrack. Two songs of the unforgettable Luis Díaz are also in the soundtrack, making it a movie in which the story goes hand-in-hand with the music in a very unique way. Pavel Núñez expressed satisfaction for having done, for the first time, the entire soundtrack and music for a Dominican film.

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