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“We the artists are called upon to do things differently”
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Bladimir Abud and Cheddy García shared their thoughts on drama and comedy.

“We the artists are called upon to do things differently”

(Santo Domingo Nov 18, 2013) — “Perspectives on drama comedy: La lucha de Ana and Los Súper” were the topics of the Panel given by film director, Bladimir Abud and Dominican actress, Cheddy García, as part of the 7th Dominican Global Film Festival (FCGD).

Abud, director and screenwriter for both films, talked about the importance of making socially conscious and informative films and telling stories that don’t often get told.

“We the artists are called upon to do things differently,” he said referring to his first film La Lucha de Ana (Anna’s Struggle), a drama inspired by a true story.

The Dominican director shared some of the experiences he had during the production of the movie, stressing that there were many obstacles along the road.

“I remember after we finished the entire filming process, we invited a film director we really admire so that he’d give us his blessing. I will never forget his reaction when he’d only seen the script. I felt like all was lost,” said Bladimir Abud.

Despite the adversities and the shoestring budget, Abud kept on working to launch his first film project. Today, La Lucha de Ana has earned more than 30 national and international awards and is regarded as one of the most outstanding Dominican social dramas in the industry.

“Film is complicated because it is an art and a business and artists are usually no good at business. Film is a very powerful vehicle for communication, so you should use it as such,” said Abud in his panel while trying to convince young people to get involved in the industry. “I am a firm believer of giving young people an opportunity.”

Cheddy García, lead actress in La Lucha de Ana, talked about her experience on the project. “It has been many years since I was in a film about which people said: that is us on the screen, that is our reality, a portrait of the real Latin American problem.”

In terms of acting, Ms. García stressed the importance of being constantly prepared and understanding the psychological profile of the person you are playing in the film as a way of expressing what the role demands of the actor.

She said it was complicated to play the serious and mature role of Ana in Abud’s film because most of her previous roles throughout her career have been comedies.

“It was definitely a huge challenge for all of us. For Bladimir as a director, because it was his first film and for me because humor has always been my specialty,” said García, adding that she was proud as a Dominican woman to see how much the Dominican people appreciated this film.

Students and professors of advertising, design and film attended the panel at the Conference Center of APEC University.

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