Festival de Cine Global Dominicano


6th FCGD Short Film Competition
November 11 to 19, 2014


Mission FCGD

The Dominican Republic Global Film Festival presents a selection of the best international, dramatic and documentary films, enriches the country culturally and brings the Seventh Art into all areas of Dominican society. The Festival contributes to greater awareness and understanding of global issues through stories about events and people who have left their mark on lives. The Festival also promotes and encourages discussion of social, political and economical issues through cinematography.

GLOBAL Short Contest Profile

Among the main objectives of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival are to become an international forum for the dissemination of quality films, new emerging talents and cinematography. For its seventh edition, the Festival expands its scope of the short film competition to an international level, giving further space for local products that have traditionally been the backbone of its previous calls.

Global Short is a section for the dissemination of new creations by students, amateurs or professionals venturing into short audiovisual works of any type or genre (fiction, documentary, experimental and animation).


To enter the Global Short Competition it is essential to know and meet the following requirements:

• The contest is open to students, amateurs or professionals venturing in short audiovisual works.
• The works may be submitted from filmmakers from all over the world.
• The number of short films that participants may submit is unlimited.
• The official language is Spanish. The work submitted in another language must have subtitles in Spanish and optional English subtitles.
• The length should not exceed 15 minutes, including credits.
• The work may be submitted in the following categories: fiction, documentary, experimental and animation.
• Participating works must be submitted in digital format only, regardless of the format in which the shorts were made.
• The competing works must have been produced no earlier than January 1, 2014.
• The films must be original and must not have participated in any other festival or event in the Dominican Republic prior to the selection date for presentation at the FCGD. If it is proved that a work has participated in another competition event, said work shall be disqualified.
• Directors must be within the age range of 18-45 years.
• The deadline for submission of short films will be August 1, 2014 at 5pm, local time in Dominican Republic.
• The costs of sending copies shall be the responsibility of the person presenting the work.
• A selection committee appointed by the FCGD, will be in charge of choosing the 11 finalists.
• Participants authorize the FCGD to present the shorts that are selected as finalists on the website of the event.
• In addition to the prizes awarded by the jury, the finalists will also be eligible for the people’s choice award which will be selected through online voting on the Festival’s website.
• The finalists will be announced on August 15, 2014 through our website.
• The selected films will be screened in public throughout the Festival, according to the schedule determined by the organization of the event.
• A jury of national and international film professionals will be responsible for selecting the winners.
• The winners will receive award statues and cash prizes.
• Participants expressly grant public communication rights of the film or fragments thereof by any means and in any format. The exercise of these rights is exclusively for promotional purposes of the Festival.
• The proprietors of the winning short film’s rights transfer their reproduction copyright in order to participate. This transfer allows for the creation of a DVD version that shall only be used for purely promotional purposes in some festivals.
• Participants expressly confirm having covered the payment of contributions for copyright of the script, images, music and / or any other audiovisual material that may not be original content under copyright in the work.
• The FCGD is in no way responsible for the failure of compliance in anything related to copyright by the contestants.
• Representatives of the shorts that have been awarded, agree to mention the award in all advertising and press materials, using the logo of the Dominican Republic Global Film Festival.
• Copies will not be returned and will become part of the audiovisual heritage of the Global Media Arts Institute (IGM), of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development.

• Participate in this competition implies complete acceptance of these terms.


The award ceremony shall take place on the closing night of the FCGD. The first place short film shall be screened at the closing night event.

The winners will receive awards statues and cash prizes.

All shorts that make it to the finals shall be available for display and receive online votes in order to qualify to win the audience award at the event’s website.

1st Place => $ 2,000
2nd Place => $ 1,500
3rd Place => $ 1,000
People’s Choice Award => $ 500


Registration will take place only through the platform www.movibeta.com

For this process, you must access the next link http://festival.movibeta.com/web/controllers/proyectoController.php?action=17

The site will lead to time in the registration process and submission of audiovisual material.

• Short film

· Photos of the director (minimum 1MB/JPEG, GIF or PNG/300dpi)

• Two promotional images of the work (minimum 1MB/JPEG, GIF or PNG/300dpi)

• Copy of your identity document (passport or identity card)

More information:

Date and time for receipt of required materials:

August 1, 2014
5:00 pm, local time in the Dominican Republic

All short films that reach the festival office after this date and time will not be accepted, without exception whatsoever.

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